Welcome to Your Library Media Center

Inspiring today’s students to become tomorrow’s leaders, the library is a safe place for discovery, development, and creation.  New technology and makerspace resources lead to an engaging and exciting learning environment.  When students walk through our doors, they begin a journey to become caring, responsible and active global citizens.

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Summer Reading

In the media center, students are expected to

  • be considerate of others.

  • be respectful to others.

  • not bring food, drinks or gum with them. 

  • speak quietly and keep computers muted.

  • take care of all library materials.

  • use computers for educational purposes.

  • print school work only.

  • return all borrowed items and materials.

  • remain seated until the bell rings.

  • push in chairs.

  • log off of computers.

Visiting the LMC

The LMS Media Center is a learning commons empowering students with resources and technology for exploration, creativity and innovation.  We build life-long learners with critical thinking skills that carry throughout the school and beyond.  We welcome all those who seek knowledge.

Library Media Center Hours

8:04 AM - 2:49 PM

Students have access to library materials and computers during the Accelerate U after school program.  Materials may not be checked out during the program.

Ms. Jennifer Freedman, MLS

School Library Media Specialist

Library Secretary
Mrs. Liz Barone


Library Aides
Mrs. Diane Farley (AM)
Mrs. Carol Spallone-Smith (PM)


Our Team

Library Lunch Passes
During lunch, students may use the library for reading, school work, playing board games or using the materials available in our maker space.  There is no food, drink or gum allowed in the library.  Students may sign out a library passes each day in the cafeteria.  Upon arrival to the library, students must sign in at the circulation desk and return the pass to us.  Passes must be used on the day they are issued.  The number of passes available varies based on the library class and computer schedule.  Green passes are only accepted if the student is doing schoolwork for the teacher who issued the pass.  Agenda passes are not accepted.


Quiet Room Passes
The quiet room is a silent place for students to read and study during their lunch period.  There is no talking, food or drink allowed in the quiet room. Students may sign out a quiet room pass each day in the library before or during homeroom.  Upon arrival to the library, students must sign in at the quiet room and return the pass.  Passes must be used on the day they are issued.  Ten passes are made available each day for periods 4 - 7 when a teacher is on duty.

Book Circulation
Students may check out up to two books at a time. Materials may be borrowed for up to 21 days and are renewable as long as there are no holds on the item.  Failure to return overdue books or failure to pay for lost books will result in calls and notices sent to the home.

Nook Circulation
Students may check out one Nook at a time.  Nooks may be borrowed for up to 7 days and are renewable as long as there are no holds on the item.  A parental consent form must be on file with the library for students to borrow Nooks.  Failure to return Nooks on time will result in students losing the privileged to borrow them.  Lost or damaged Nooks will result in replacement fees.

Computer Use
When classes are doing research in the library the computers are reserved for their use. At other times, the computers are available for independent use as long as it is school related. The Acceptable Use Policy applies to computer use throughout the school. 

Lindenhurst Middle School

Library Media Center